Earlier this year 1st Look Exteriors launched the first living wall installation here in Hawaii.   A living wall is an interior or exterior living mural of plants.   Many are found in Paris, and right here in Hawaii.   Plants used in living walls are grown on a special grid system that allows the plants to sustain themselves on a vertical plane. Living walls are used all over the world in many interior and exterior locations, such as resorts, spas, restaurants, office buildings and private homes.

There are many benefits to installing a vertical living wall.

- It improves air quality and adds property value.

- Creates aesthetics that adds great curb appeal.

- It highlights new focal points of interests, reduces stress, improves work environment and provides sound dampening benefits.  

- Living walls also adds a natural protective membrane to help cool the building and develops opportunities for promotional and marketing value.  

- On a larger scale, these living architectural walls help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support ecological diversity. Some designs are self-sustaining by using rainwater catchments systems to recycle the water and help irrigate the vertical landscape, thereby reducing the amount of storm water runoff.